Single: S10, BLØF – Laat Me Los Review

Image – Noah’s Ark

S10’s collaboration with Dutch rock band BLØF is a poignant and heartbreaking tale of loss perfectly and emotionally packaged. 

Laat Me Los (English: Let Me Go) almost immediately features the familiarity of S10’s oohs and aahs that were synonymous with her Eurovision entry De Diepte. The triviality of song comparisons aside, this new single is a tear-jerker. 

Sung in Dutch from two perspectives of death, the characters in the story of Laat Me Los are played out by the youthful tones of S10 who sings about lying awake with the lights on while BLØF frontman Paskal Jakobsen sings about wanting to sleep. 

Jakobsen’s voice – clearly the older of the two on this track – is akin to a guiding parental hand on the back of a child, a metaphor brought to near existence through the narration of a tale about the death of a relative. 

The song is conducted throughout by an acoustic guitar before it spirals into a cacophonic outro with instruments aplenty. 

With this crescendo Laat Me Los is a song that shows an emotional juxtaposition between the fragility of its lyrical sentiment and the stoicism of its musical thump. 

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