Netherlands: S10 – De Diepte Review

Image Credit – Noah’s Ark

Dutch isn’t a language that features heavily on the playlists of the masses but S10’s De Diepte (English: The Depth) makes the often-unsavoury language perfectly digestible for the most judgmental of linguistic analysers. 

De Diepte begins with an acoustic guitar that could be taken from a demo of Travis’ Flowers in the Window. This isn’t indicative of where the track will end up as the chorus’ contrasting blend of S10’s soft vocals and a low-tempo, bass-infused beat is perfectly set up to create a moment on the Eurovision stage. 

The tempo of the track really shouldn’t be able to invite catchiness or allow it to be an earworm but there’s a cleverness to the package that executes the exact opposite. 

De Diepte may do more for those who are more easily emotionally swayed. The track has the ability to connect to human emotions and plays on this strength.

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