Single: Ochman feat. Opał – Bittersweet Review

Image – Polydor / Universal Music Polska

Ochman has released his first single since his Eurovision participation and it’s a surprise if you consider the nature of River

Bittersweet is a collaboration with rapper Opał and music producer @atutowy who was responsible for a number of tracks on Ochman’s debut album released earlier this year. 

The sinister and eerie intro to the track – made even more spine-chilling if you dare watch the music video – is offset by Ochman’s soft and glassy voice. 

A further contrast to the eeriness and Ochman’s own contrasting submission is the appearance of Opał. He isn’t there to simply be a famous name and contribute nothing. Yes, he does add gravitas but his aggressive musical purpose is genuine on this track. 

As it’s his song, Ochman deserves to be the centre of attention. Actually, no. His operatic semblance deserves to be the centre of attention. You’d be forgiven for thinking something like this would be out of place but the bridge is both a smart separation and a class continuation of the song. 

If the nature of River is forgotten for this new style of music by Ochman it’ll be something to really get excited about.

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