Single: LUM!X – Club Sound – Review

Image – Spinnin’ Records

If you’re after hard EDM and euphoric drops, the new single from LUM!X is just for you. 

Club Sound isn’t a long form piece that will please everyone. The instrumental track doesn’t conform to usual standards. It’s LUM!X playing around, having some fun and ultimately pleasing himself. 

As the track begins there’s an instant hit of anticipation in a fast moving build. Once the first drop arrives the hook is simple yet irresistible. The last drop keeps you waiting but the payoff isn’t a monster of a crash like you might expect so that is a little underwhelming. 

There isn’t a lot to unpick in this single that clocks in at just 2:13. For what it is, it is a belter that you’ll come back to if it’s your thing. If it isn’t your thing it shouldn’t dissuade you from exploring LUM!X’s future releases.

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