Single: Alvan – DCAI Review

Image – Warner Music France

Alvan’s latest single is a free-flowing track that steps into top gear from second zero and stays there for three action-packed minutes. 

Taken from his debut album Magma released in the spring of this year, DCAI is a musical realisation of the French singer’s own motto ‘Don’t Care About It’. 

Unmistakably Alvan, the intro to DCAI is electronic to the max with a splash of funk to keep his sound fresh. 

The chorus is punchy and almost surprisingly impressive. The pre-chorus under promises while the chorus itself over delivers. It’s hardly something to be disappointed about. 

Alvan has allowed the production of this new single to pare back his vocals for the music to take more of a prominent role. Yes, the music deserves attention but his raspy voice is hidden away and guarded slightly which is a shame given the don’t care attitude the song is about. 

DCAI really is a fun track from start to finish with a high energy hook binding the composition together.

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