Czechia: Vesna – My Sister’s Crown Review

Image – Vesna / Universal Music

The most powerful collective to represent Czechia at Eurovision, Vesna have the chance to make history for their country. 

My Sister’s Crown is dramatic from the moment it gets going. Sorry, not just dramatic. It carries a certain drama that few other songs are able to. It evokes power and determinism. 

The linguistic fusion of Bulgarian, Czech, English and Ukrainian is executed to perfection. The verses and choruses slide in and out of each language effortlessly, catering different audiences with chances to connect and to feel. 

As the song reaches its crescendo, the industrial composition and the ladies’ harmonies make it impossible to ignore the message of defiance. It has the energy and ability to gather up the attention of the few that would rather choose to ignore it. 

My Sister’s Crown is the peak musical embodiment of female empowerment, and an anthem for anyone staring down the barrel of weaponized gender inequality. 

If this track isn’t challenging the top order at Eurovision in May, it’ll be an injustice.

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