Greece: Victor Vernicos – What They Say Review

Image – Panik Records

What a crying shame that Greece – once a Eurovision powerhouse – has slumped to the depths of sending forgettable fodder like this. 

At 16, Victor Vernicos is Greece’s youngest ever representative, and his self-penned song, What They Say, is representative of his lack of creative experience and the omission of any outside help. Sadly, the track is the least memorable at this year’s contest. 

Vernicos has a soulful voice that is mature for his age. He uses it well in the intro, but forgoes it thereafter, favouring more high-reaching vocals that don’t fit the song as well. 

If Greece wants to get back to the success of its headiest days in Eurovision, it will need to send something more ambitious and tolerable than this soft, Ed Sheeran-esque piece.

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