Serbia: Luke Black – Samo Mi Se Spava Review

Image – PGP RTS

Luke Black fights the pain of a life lived through a simulation on his Eurovision entry Samo Mi Se Spava

Black has written more than just lyrics, and composed more than music. Samo Mi Se Spava cannot be bound by the words of a review. It is far more advanced. 

The song’s intro features a luring and menacing melody played on a piano. Black sings as he falls into a simulation and realises his life is beyond his own control. To mirror that fall, the same melody repeats; instead this time it’s played on a harsh synthesiser. It’s an intelligent differentiation.

As Black’s life is played out in video game form, the composition becomes more and more industrial and – perhaps contradictorily – more melodic. It’s a trap. 

Black sings about wanting to sleep forever. He wants to escape the misery of life. Then again, he appreciates that waking up and fighting against what makes life almost insufferable for his generation might be a better course of action. By the end of the song he is free to fight. 

Samo Mi Se Spava is a journey from dark to light and from defeat to victory.

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