Croatia: Let 3 – Mama ŠČ Review

Image – Dallas Records

What started off as an idea with the best of intentions to be a forthright anti-war song, Mama ŠČ is a poorly executed piece of punk provocation. 

Let 3 are professional music provocateurs, so their own success isn’t necessarily measured in record sales, rather the anger and discontent listeners feel when they hear the band’s music. The band’s own intentions aside, this song will be judged on its musical merits, or lack thereof. 

Mercifully, Mama ŠČ clocks in at just 2:30. However, in that time there’s a cocktail of crap to digest. Insufferable operatic elements, abrasive alphabet recitals and repetitive mentions of psychopaths aren’t conventional foundations of a hit. 

Perhaps the most noteworthy part of the song is the repetition of the line “Mama kupila traktora”, which – given how outspoken the band have been towards Vladimir Putin in the promotion of Mama ŠČ – is a reference to the Russian President’s birthday gift from Alexander Lukashenko. References to dictators, discreet or indiscreet, are ill-judged. 

The punky attack of guitars in the track’s intro – along with the 13 second melodic vocal sting about halfway through – is the closest it comes to being remotely enjoyable. 

Mama ŠČ bangs on the door of politicisation and barely has a musical leg to stand on.

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