Italy: Marco Mengoni – Due Vite Review

Image – Sony Music Entertainment Italy

Marco Mengoni’s Eurovision edit of Due Vite retains the gutting and heart-wrenching poetry of the song’s original version. 

The track’s shortened intro allows Mengoni’s flavoursome and delectable voice to make an immediate impression. He creates a feeling of intimate solitude in the first minute with a lack of instrumentation surrounding his vocals. Mengoni feels alone singing about heartache and he conveys his feelings without even trying. 

The birth of drums in the second minute is a ladder to higher climbs for Due Vite. The track builds effortlessly verse by verse and chorus by chorus, with the final 30 seconds reaching a cacophonic crescendo. The glassy piano right at the end brings the track full circle to how it began – a metaphor for the seemingly endless pain felt in a breakup. 

Mengoni’s musical realisation of being alone after a breakup is therapy. Due Vite is reassuring nourishment for anyone dealing with emotional pain.

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