San Marino: Piqued Jacks – Like An Animal Review

Image – Toyah Buse / BMG

Like An Animal has the right foundations to be a Eurovision rock classic, but its structure and arrangement leave it toppling before it’s fully built. 

The track’s first issue is the intro. Gnarly guitars usher the track in, but they disappear behind vocalist Andrea Lazzeretti’s vocals before the magic of their riffs have enough time to cement themselves. 

As the song shifts up and down the gears, you notice how stilted it is in places. The verses sound like they could be bridges, especially compared to the ferociousness of the chorus. 

A lot has been made about the lyrics of the track. Lazzeretti tries chatting up a woman by saying: “I can smell you like an animal”. It’s a difficult listen, but maybe he rescues himself by later comparing her to Aphrodite. Look past the dodginess of his initial comparison and the chorus could be a singalong favourite. 

The constituent parts of the song aren’t bad standalones, but arranged together they fall short of brilliance.

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