Poland: Blanka – Solo Review

Image – Warner Music Poland

Bejba. If being alone sparks the formation of pop records like this, Blanka ought to continue life as a singleton. 

Solo is the apex antithesis of a moody, emotional and heartbreaking ballad. The song radiates warmth and mesmerising musical colours. 

A punchy, staccato guitar is the heartbeat of the song, bursting into life in the intro. There are some swirling synths that add extra flavour here and there, but other than this, the song is simple in its arrangement. There’s no risk of getting lost in production prowess. The simplicity is refreshing. 

The pre-chorus does creep up and spring a surprise, and the song is missing a post-chorus musical breakdown. But even then, those criticisms barely dent what is a strong, entertaining track. 

If you don’t enjoy this, what do you enjoy?

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