Cyprus: Andrew Lambrou – Break A Broken Heart Review

Image – Panik Records / City Pop Records

Danish and Swedish songwriters, and an Australian singer give an international feel to the entry Cyprus is sending to this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. 

Break A Broken Heart is a message of hope for those in a state of shattered love. Andrew Lambrou sets out his stall from word go with spiritual-like calling vocals in the track’s enchanting and captivating intro. It gives an indication of what’s to come later on. 

The spiralling, echoing piano melody that sits below Lambrou’s voice track is a further clue that there’s an explosion on the way. It guides the other elements of the composition to build in formation to the suckerpunch of a chorus. 

The marching drumbeat and muffled synths needn’t accompany Lambrou’s voice in the chorus. Singing at full capacity, Lambrou could electrify the song single-handedly. 

Break A Broken Heart is an anthem of defiance against what has come before, sung to utter perfection by Lambrou.

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