Azerbaijan: TuralTuranX – Tell Me More Review

Image – BEAT Music

Having produced the country’s Eurovision song on home soil for the first time in over a decade, Azerbaijan have ended up sending a song that feels further away from home than its previous entries. 

Twin duo TuralTuranX have been heavily influenced by the British music scene, especially Britpop, on their song Tell Me More. The song is charming and the lyrics are comfortingly relatable.

The pair sing about the difficulty of expressing their emotions for a lover and wanting to feel affection in return. With the song starting with the sound of a phone call going to answerphone, it’s as if we’re listening to the lads’ innermost and emotion-packed thoughts being expressed for the first time. It’s soul-baring. It’s honest. It’s believable. 

To pin down the British influence on the track, Just Jack’s guiding hand is heard in the second verse that straddles spoken word and rap, while Oasis-esque sliding guitars are noticeable into and under the bridge. 

Despite the quest to show off their appreciation for foreign music on their track, TuralTuranX have kept the overall composition understated and simplistic, rather than complicating it for complication’s sake.

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