Germany: Lord Of The Lost – Blood & Glitter Review

Image – Napalm Records

Eternal Eurovision tryhard Germany has once again thrown convention out of the window after selecting industrial rock band Lord Of The Lost to fly the flag for the country at the contest. 

Blood & Glitter is a wide load straddling two or three lanes on the German autobahn. The track represents multiple genres and packs countless different musical elements into the composition that all help to make it stand out, for better or for worse. Do we really need lasers firing to enhance the track? 

Vocalist Chris Harms goes from one extreme to another, starting off the song with bold, crisp and dark singing before screaming until his lungs are empty. It sounds scary but the addition of glitter makes the blood less menacing. 

There could be a message in the song, but I don’t want to trudge through the sludge to find it.

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