Malta: The Busker – Dance (Our Own Party) Review

Image – The Busker

It’s easy to say a song with a saxophone break as a hook is fun. On The Busker’s Dance (Our Own Party), the saxophone is way more than frivolous as it rescues the song from plunging into a state of lyrical dire straits. 

Hearing lyrics such as: “When the tick gets tocking” and “I feel better in my sweater” makes me appreciate the words of what I thought were the worst lyricists on the planet before this band came along. Thankfully, that golden sax break comes along before my head falls irreversibly into my hands. 

The baritone sax that provides a subtle bassline in the pre-chorus and chorus is a delight. It picks up from the funky bass that guides the verses of the song. 

If there’s an instrumental of this track planned for release, inject that into my veins.

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