Single: Alvan – Calzone Review

Image – Warner Music France / Parlophone

France’s Alvan references pizzas aplenty and stays true to his electronic sound on his new single Calzone

This new track comes six months, almost to the day, after the release of his debut album Magma. The punchy and rustic electronic flavour of that record creates the base, sauce and toppings for this new tonal treat. 

The intro gives away the identity of the track as soon as it sparks into life. Alvan attacks the dirty riffs of the song and spits his way through the verse and the chorus equally. His voice is grittier than ever. 

Comparing ladies to types of pizza isn’t a tried or tested method of pursuit but Alvan… makes it work? That might be a stretch, though. 

Calzone isn’t a direction change for Alvan. Simply, he’s carrying the success of his experimental but proven sound up a level.

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