United Kingdom: Mae Muller – I Wrote A Song Review

Image – Capitol Records

Following in Sam Ryder’s footsteps was always going to be a tricky path to walk, but Mae Muller has begun walking the tightrope with utter confidence. 

Muller’s entry for the UK at this year’s contest, I Wrote A Song, is slick, polished, revengeful pop music. 

The track is formulaic and fits the dance-pop mould beautifully. There’s an evident swirling build in the verse and pre-chorus which allows for maximum enjoyment. The menacing bassline contrasts the spiky chords to create intrigue. 

I Wrote A Song’s chorus lacks the grandeur and wall of sound-esque production of other tracks in this genre, but why do we always cry out for this? Let us appreciate and rejoice in the impact the track has without the need for layers and layers of this and that. 

The wordless “Da, da, da, da, da, da” chant in the chorus makes this hook an easy earworm and doesn’t have to work as hard as other tracks do. 

Muller is a wonderful vocalist, but she commands ultimate attention during the spoken word bridge where she lets the flare of her accent do some damage. 

I Wrote A Song is nowhere near as terrible as some sceptics have made out; it’s not even on the spectrum of terrible. It is a track that mirrors the playlists on Radio 1 and represents the British music scene perfectly.

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