Iceland: Systur – Með Hækkandi Sól Review

Image Credit – RUV

It’s a shame to see Iceland’s trailblazing run of Eurovision entries come to an end but it’s worth giving Systur credit for the warmth they bring with their track Með Hækkandi Sól (English: With The Rising Sun).

The three Icelandic sisters infuse their track with a warm, relaxed folk sound which sticks around until the very end. There’s a gentle build of musical layers through the first verse until the chorus but the pace is constant throughout.

It’s a pleasant affair for what it is. The track doesn’t rely on a complicated production to stand out from the crowd which will naturally be to its detriment but it is, at least, true to itself.

Með Hækkandi Sól isn’t going to set the world on fire or turn heads across the continent but what it will do is please a small section of the Eurovision audience who feel inclined by folk music.

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