Eurovision 2022: Ranking the Baltic entries

Two of the three songs presented the Baltics stake their claim to have the most enjoyable Eurovision entry to come out of their respective countries in years. 

Callum Rowe ranks the five countries’ entries: 

3. Lithuania

Image Credit – LRT

Lithuania let down the trio of Baltic nations from having a perfect set with the country’s song Sentimentai

I simply can’t get on board with this track. Its irritating and monotonous beat is infectious but in a frustrating way. I know this really is right up the streets of some people but I can’t allow it access to mine. 

2. Latvia

Image Credit – Citi Zēni

“Instead of meat I eat veggies and pussy” is the most attention grabbing opening line of any Eurovision song I’ve ever heard. The bar has been raised, set and will take some beating. 

Citi Zēni knew exactly what they were doing with Eat Your Salad when they were producing it and it’s worked. The track is already a viral smash hit and I reckon the best is yet to come. 

It’s got jazz, hip hop, rap and pop; and a slap in the face of a melody if the other elements didn’t grab your attention. 

1. Estonia

Image Credit – Ako Lehemets

Quickly getting past the opening seconds which sound like they’re lifted straight from a country and western movie, we’re onto something big with Stefan’s song Hope

I genuinely think this is being overlooked in Eurovision circles. The track’s build is uplifting and Stefan’s voice takes the chorus to an anthemic, pulse-racing level. 

Estonia won’t need to do much with the staging of Hope in Turin to sell it as Stefan sells it himself. We could be watching a dark horse here.

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