Latvia: Citi Zēni – Eat Your Salad Review

Image Credit – TCLV Records

You’d be forgiven for thinking a song that had an opening line about eating “veggies and pussy” was undoing all of Måneskin’s hard work making Eurovision relevant again. But Citi Zēni’s Eat Your Salad carries a more genuine message than appears on the surface. 

The track naturally grabs attention from the opening bars with a brass breakdown leading into that lyric. Woven throughout the first verse are numerous eco-friendly activities. The second verse carries sexual references with the chorus combining the two in a genuinely clever – not just hilarious – way. 

Eat Your Salad is already a viral hit due to its topic but neither the musical composition nor the production should be overlooked. 

Citi Zēni effortlessly weave jazz, hip-hop, rap and pop elements into Latvia’s most enjoyable Eurovision entry in years.

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